jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

Teaser poster for my new film, Bloodlust

Greetings, fiends! Just thought you might like to see the teaser poster for my newest film, Bloodlust, a movie about a woman in her 30's dealing with the degenerative, and homicidal, effects of vampirism. It's going to be our first feature film, and the 15th film I have directed, after a ton of short films, trailers and mixtapes (if you wanna see some of those, go to our page http://ironfiendproductions.wetpaint.com/) Pre-production for Bloodlust began in June 2009, with principal photography starting in October 2009 and ending in March 2010 (there are some pickups shots left, but that's another story). Editing begins...next week!

The poster was designed by Puertorrican underground comic book artist Juan Lapaix, who has been quite a supporter, while some extra photoshop work (mainly titles and logo) was done by my good friend Christina M Rodriguez. I hope you all like the poster, and I'll keep you updated in case you give enough of a shit to want to see the film

domingo, 9 de mayo de 2010

RIP, David E. Durston

David E. Durston, the director of I Drink Your Blood and Stigma, has passed away.

Satan was an acid-head!