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Interview with Richard Taylor, creator of The Misled Romance of Cannibal Girl And Incest Boy

In my never-ending search for great and weird cinema, I stumbled upon this short film on their official myspace, after hearing about it from the Troma forum. Richard was very kind and direct, and seems like one of the good guys in this world of independent horror cinema. Hope you enjoy.

-How did you become involved in filmmaking?
Well in high school, in Drama class we were asked to write and direct are own music videos. I made a simple video that got some laughs in class and had so much fun I started making videos out side of class. That begun my Production company Bizjack Flemco Productions with my friend/Co Partner Zack Beins. We would always come up with silly/funny ideas and film them in his back yard and edit them with a VCR. One day a Career Fair come to our school and a teacher from the Career Education Center (CEC) was there promoting a Digital Film and Video Class. Me and Zack jumped at the opportunity to take Film classes while in High school and that is where we learned how to really make movies.

-Tell us the story of Bizjack Flemco Productions.
Oh well... I guess i kinda did already ... well ... good time to whore myself..... that is half of filmmaking you know..... The myspace is Myspace.com/Bizjackflemco .... If anyone out there would like to check out some of ourFilms... and be our friend.

-Tell us about the previous short, Unicorn.
Unicorn is a story about a Pedophile who picks up under age girls in the park with Unicorn lollipops. I took a Super 8 Film class in College and just wanted to tell a messed up story ... that I knew it would be even more messed up being shot on Super 8, because of its grainy andsnuffy look. My teacher, I remember did not care for the film to much .. but I did get an A+ and even got the film into the Troma Dance Film Festival .. and On the Best of Troma Dance VOL 5 DVD which just came out from Troma Entertainment! http://www.troma.com/

-Tell us about the birth of The Misled Romance of Incest Boy And Cannibal Girl?
The Misled Romance of Cannibal Girl and Incest Boy started as a Special Effect that I wanted to do in a movie. I wanted to show a girl biting off a guys dick but had no story or anything to go with it. I thought it be funny for a guy to meet a girl who is a cannibal and take her home and get his dick bitten off... but then he grows another dick right after... then you learn the guy is a product of Incest and he can grow extra body parts after being torn a part..... Well then this Idea turned into Cannibal Girl and Incest Boy. I don't know when, but we decided to make Cannibal Girl and Incest Boy a Sequel to Unicorn, I guess because we shot the film on super 8 again we felt it was almost like a sequel. You see the baby being born in Unicorn , becomes Incest Boy ... and the story of him falling in love with a Cannibal Girl who is afraid she will eat him.

Why did you choose to make it in film instead of digital?
I could have never gotten the look of Cannibal Girl and Incest Boy/Unicorn I did with Digital. Real Film is just so awesome ... There is just nothing more satisfying then hearing the clicking of the film running through the camera , something you justdon't get with Digital. Also with Digital you can just do the scene over and over and over again with no real worries, but with real film ... your burning Money as well ..second after second. Film don't come cheap. Its $10 a roll , for 3 minutes! so you practice more with your actions and actors when using film, which comes out better in the long run.

-Did you have any difficulties during filming?
I would like everyone now to go to Myspace.com/Incestcannibal ... where you can buy The HEAD SPLITTIN SPECIAL EDITION DVD copy of THE MISLED ROMANCE OF CANNIBAL GIRL AND INCEST BOY! there is a great special feature where we go Behind the scenes of Cannibal Girl and Incest Boy and you can see how hard it was to make the film ... We had our lead actress get locked in her room by her boy friend at the time during filming! We had to shoot the film in the most discussing field ever full of Glass, Condoms, and bugs, Our lead actor Incest Boy never stopped Bitching... it goes on and on ... like any film there was lots of problems..... Pick up the DVD to check out more!

-Lloyd Kaufman from Troma films has a hilarious cameo in the beginning. How did he get involved?
Me and Zack both worked on Poultrygeist Night of the Chicken Dead, doing Blood FX in the film. We also act in it. So we figured after working for 3 months for free on his film .. sleeping on the floor, eating cheese sandwiches and showering in cold water ..... he owed us a least a cameo... and wouldn't you know it ... the guy also releases the film on Troma DVD on the Best of Troma Dance VOL 5 !!! Pretty damn sweet! ... some people only watch the film cause they hear he's in it... so it never hurts to have cameos in your film.

-Janine Laurent is quite a woman. How did she get involved in the film? And what can you tell us about the rest of t he cast?
I can tell you that no one in the film were actors. Janine worked at a video store cashier and was picked after we went through 2 other actresses. She was very exited to do the film, but really had no idea what to do, acting wise, and since this was a silent movie she really needed to be big with her expressions. She pulled everything off Amazingly and I could not be more impressed with her. Paul (Incest Boy) was just a friend from high school who I picked for his look ... not really his Personality, and I knew he was a Ninja freak and knew a few moves ... so we had him strike a few poses in the film.... But like I said ... we just used our friends... they were cheap and for the most part easy to work with.

-How did Tim Johnson get involved? the soundtrack is amazing.
I know Tim from his band the Pinkoes. I would go see him perform in bars all the time! We started talking after shows and became good friends. I used one of his songs in "Unicorn" called SOn of Kazzan, and then for Cannibal Girl asked him if he wanted to do the whole score for the film ... Lucky for me, He did it! and you are right the soundtrack is amazing! You know you can pick a Soundtrack up from Cafepress.com/CannibalGirl (Boywadddda Whore)

-How long did post-production take?
Post took a while ..... we had to do all the transferring to Video ourselves.... and it was a headache... We basically set up a projector and filmed the wall with our DV cameras... so what your actually seeing in cannibal girl is us filming a wall. Tim Johnson who did the music in the movie did all the editing on the film ... and he really edited the film fast ... less then a week we had pretty much what you see in the film now.

-How do you feel about the state of independent horror films today?
With myspace and Digital film at rise ... any one can make movies... and advertise them. Independents in any genre have it good right now ... just think back in the day how impossible it was to make a movie ... now you can just go buy a $100 dollar camera and start making a movie. I go to Horror conventions and I meet new filmmakers who have done exactly what I have .... made a movie. You sell your film on a table and people buy them! people seem very exited when they see Cannibal Girl and Incest Boy ... Because its just something that they would never hear in the main stream .... they seem very interested and wind up picking up a copy on DVD over any Horror Holly Wood Remake.... and that makes me feel like I am doing something worth a damn.

What's in the future for you? Any new films in the horizon?
Yes in fact ... a Feature film called "Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer" Written by Myself, Zack Beins and Tim Johnson. it will be like no other Zombie movie you have seen before! I have always said I would never do a zombie movie, just cause there is so many of them, But I think we have a good twist on the zombie Genre...Because our Zombie Movie will be the First Zombie Movie to feature NO Zombies ... Hm ? I wonder how that works? well Keep looking for it ... add the myspace at Myspace.com/Atomthezombiekiller

Well, that's it. I'd like to thank Richard for his willingness to open up and be cool about his experiences. Now go to the website and buy his damn DVD already!!!

Girl On A Motorcycle

Some people have had the audacity to call this piece of shit the Female Easy Rider. Look, just cuz it’s a hot blonde riding a motorcycle doesn’t make it so, okay? Basically the story is about a cunt named Rebecca who leaves her husband by stealing his bike to go be with her lover Daniel, played by Alain Delon. On the way there are endless monologues about life and freedom and blah blah blah what a boring movie. The only good thing this movie has is Marianne Faithfull’s rack. 1 out of 5 faux bikers.

Hated: GG Allin and the Murder Junkies

Hated is one of the most fascinating documentaries I’ve ever seen, having to do with one of rock n’ roll’s most violent, nihilistic psychopaths to ever grab a microphone. Here we can see that GG wasn’t just like that on the stage, but in real life as well, although it must be said that he’s more intelligent than people allow him to be. He was mostly looked down upon by the media (as you can tell by seeing footage from Gerardo and news shows) yet very well spoken for by two people in particular, the Hilter-moustache wearing Merle Allin and his superfan who’s name I forget right now.
There are a lot of memorable moments, including drummer Dino’s story about exposing himself to a child and saying “I was just teasin’ her…” , GG assaulting a woman during a spoken word performance, and the video featuring a woman pissing in GG’s mouth (causing him to vomit on himself, yum). The ending shows his funeral via drug overdose, very disappointing considering he always said he’d kill himself on stage. As a fan of GG’s music, I recommend this whole-heartedly. Directed by Todd Phillips, who’d later go on to direct fratboy comedies like Road Trip, Starsky & Hutch and Old School. 4 shit nuggets out of 5.

El Topo

If you are a fan of underground films, then this movie is no surprise to you. It mixes Spaguetti Western, Eastern philosophy and Tod Browning’s Freaks to tell a story that is yet to be equalled. It’s almost impossible to believe this film came from Mexico, who’s only definition of exploitation cinema were black and white Universal-style adaptations of their local horror legends (Maldicion de la Llorona) and masked wrestler films. It deals with a cowboy who rescues a woman from a gang of bandidos (which in turn was vengeance from what I believe was the killer of his family). Abandoning his son and going away with the woman, he goes on a series of shoot-outs with those who are considered the best gunfighters. After a change of heart with the last one, and the woman leaving him for another woman (yum), he has some sort of LSD breakdown (I dunno, the movie’s a trip) and wakes up years later in a colony of deformed freaks who see him as some sort of savior. In the way to the end he meets love in a little midget girl, gets reacquainted with his son, and takes vengeance on a town. In the end, he sets himself on fire like a Chinese monk. By then you’ll have a sight of relief and will feel like you’ve just come of the weirdest acid trip of your life. 5 out of 5 midget tits.

Dead Of Night aka Lighthouse

There is a high tradition of horror running from England, from Mary Shelley’s immortal tale of the Modern Prometheus, to the Hammer films of the 50’s 60’s and 70’s (and the imitating studios like Amicus) to Neil Marshall. This film ranks among the best to come out of the British isles, as it both mixes Hitchcock’s flair for suspense, with the bloody murdering expected in your typical slasher flick. A ship full of prisoners and police guards crashes on the rocks of a rocky beach, and it’s up to all involved to survive the night from psychotic serial killer Leo Rook, who takes deep pleasure in beheading his victims. The acting is above average, featuring such familiar faces like James Purefoy (Resident Evil, Rome) and Paul Brooke (Return of the Jedi, Lair of the White Worm). But it’s Rachel Shelley, as Dr. Kristy McCloud, who steals the scene as a woman obsessed with the Leo Rook case. If you love horror movies, this will not disappoint. 5 scary Paul Brooke fake eyes out of 5.

The Blue Angel

Josef Von Sternberg knew he had a good thing going when he cast Marlene Dietrich in this, the first big sound film to come out of Germany in 1930. Marlene is Lola Lola, a voluptuous, beautiful woman who exudes sexuality in every form, from a little intimate look to the way she stands. You could seriously believe he could send a poor English professor (Emmanuel Rath, played by Emil Jannings of Faust fame) into the lower depths, losing his position and being nothing more than a sad clown who’s brain has cracked over his possessive love over Dietrich, the perfect woman no man can have. Speaking of intimate, this is probably Sternberg most intimate film, at least compared to what was to follow. It does have it’s stylish, surreal moments, such as the close-ups of the figures coming out of the clock, but it’s mostly played into a downward, more personal story. 5 out of 5 singing whores.

Richard Kern: Hardcore

A great compilation featuring some of the greatest films in No-Wave cinema’s greatest auteur, Richard Kern, packs a punch to say the least. This collection is a time capsule of a time in filmmaking that will never come again, a time that is often duplicated and imitated by the fans of the films, but it will never have the grain nor the balls it had at the time. Here are some of the better ones:

- You Killed Me First: A film about the insanity that belongs in your typical nuclear American family. Lung Leg plays Elizabeth (call me Cassandra!), a pretty damn insane punk rocker of a daughter who just can’t get along with her parents. And her parents are pretty much the reason she’s nuts, killing her little rabbit, criticizing her boyfriend and telling her she’s not as good as their other daughter. In the end, she goes apeshit and shoots her family down, telling her mother, “You killed me first!”
-Submit To Me: Not exactly a movie, but a really awesome bondage-influenced gallery of people doing crazy sexy shit for the camera. Lydia Lunch writhing naked, Lung Leg and her lizard, Tommy Turner, etc. It’s all good.
-The Right Side Of My Brain: Probably his best film, this is basically a performance piece to show you the talents of Lydia Lunch, and her spoken word work. An excellent soundtrack, a true piece of beautiful underground filmmaking as she goes around from man to man, each one worse than the next, until the end where she takes control in her own little bondage scenario. Look out for a young Henry Rollins.
-Fingered - Pretty much a realistic bonnie & clyde type of film. Lydia Lunch plays a phone sex operator who shacks up with a sleazy asshole on a cross-country violent fuck trip where all sorts of perversions ensue, from fucking while shooting a gun to the kidnapping of Lung Leg. Must be seen to be believed.
-Sewing Circle: Not much to say here, just Kembra Pfahler getting her vagina sown shut. Hooray for puppies.
-The Bitches: Want to see two women fuck a guy with a strap-on and make it look artistic? Here’s the movie for you.

There are a lot more, but these are the ones that stood out for me. He also made some very good music videos for Death Valley 69 for Sonic Youth, Lunchbox for Marilyn Manson and Detachable Penis for King Missile. Sadly, Richard Kern has sort of slowed down his filmmaking and concentrated on many great books of young college-aged beautifies in the nude. Still, he’s a great talent and worth checking out.

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The Manson Family

Fifteen years in the making, Jim Van Bebber’s cinematic masterpiece will go down as one of the greatest artistic achievements to come out of the American cinema underground. Telling the true story of the Manson murders in the late 60’s, it deals with the young men and women who were seduced into the cult, only briefly dealing with Manson himself. The performances range from creaky to believable, and while you’re watching it you’ll start wondering just what kind of drugs these people were taking during the filming. As an indie filmmaker, I can tell you it’s hard as hell to get people to even shed their clothes, yet these people not only do so but have simulated orgies, in what is probably the craziest scene in the movie, covered in fake blood and in the middle of a cane field. It’s something that must be seen to be believed.

I remember the first time I saw it, I was laughing to myself just from how incredible it was. It’s too bad the rest of the film as follows is dark as hell, and there’s nothing funny about the Tate/LaBianca murders, as they were shot. The movie also features many visual influences from movies of the late 60’s/early 70’s, the most recognizable one being the scenes in the waterfall which resemble Easy Rider.

But of course, the most interesting part of the film isn’t the content, but the making of the film. Jim Van Bebber spent, worked, suffered and nearly died trying to finish the film, selling blood and nearly going insane trying to make his dream project come true. To hell with Robert Rodriguez, this guy’s the true indy-guerrilla filmmaker. All in all, it was all for good, this is one of the greatest films ever made and deserves to be seen by a wider audience.

Fando & Lis

Directed by Alejandro Jodorowski, 93 mins

A mind-fuck of a film that should be seen to be believed and I say that in the most positive way possible. Fando and his handicapped sister Lis go around in this barren wasteland filled with weird blood-drinkers and crazy transvestites. One-part Fellini, one-part theatre of the absurd, it’s an interesting introduction to the cinema of Alejandro Jodorowski, who would later create the surrealistic masterpieces like El Topo and Holy Mountain. The movie has a very theatre-esque aspect to it, like you’re watching a surrealist play that has been expanded into a film. It’s surprising this movie ever got made to begin with, since it is very weird, and the actors are put through some of the weirdest situations imaginable. Not Jodo’s masterpiece, but definitely worth the watch.

4 blood-drinking freaks out of 5.

Shanghai Express

Directed by Josef Von Sternberg, 80 mins

Sternberg was a director that hated realism, and you can tell with many of his films. This is one of his most famous ones, and with good reason. It’s very beautiful to look at, the sets are extraordinary and the photography is flawless. The story deals with British officer Clive Brook, who gets on the Shanghai Express and meets up with an old squeeze, the once sweet now a prostitute Shanghai Lily, played to the hilt by Marlene Dietrich. Their train is later “shanghaied”, if you will, by Warner Orland (from Charlie Chan and Werewolf Of London) who is looking for someone worthy of kidnapping. There are many good performances, Marlene basically owns the movie but it’s Anna May Wong as her Chinese partner who really put a spell on me. In the end, it’s a good classic film that deserves to be watched. 4 out of 5 Chinese prostitutes.

So, which one would you bang?

Blood, Boobs & Beast

Directed by John Paul Kinhart, 75 mins

Don Dohler, who passed away from cancer in 2006, was one of the major inspirations for anyone working in low budget independent genre films. His Cinemagic magazine is responsible for inspiring many of today’s makeup artists, and his films The Alien Factor, Fiend and Nightbeast are textbook examples at how to make low budget horror flicks. So imagine my surprise when I see this documentary, that Don is a very quiet, introverted family man who doesn’t take his moviemaking as the most important thing in his life. They show him in some beautifully candid moments, such as behind the scenes of his last film Dead Hunt, old 8mm footage of his family, and taking care of his mentally-handicapped sister, up to the end when we see him in the final stages of cancer. There are also the hard moments, such as losing family members and the difficulties of filming one of his most recognized films, Blood Massacre.

From his comic books to his films, Don will always be remembered as a one-man DIY machine who also has love for those around him. And with people like J.J. Abrams, Lloyd Kaufman, Tom Savini and Tom Sullivan giving their thoughts, this film is both educational and touching and is not to be missed.
5 out of 5 home-made laser beams.

Blood From Satan's Claw

So I've decided to make this the first movie review on my blog, mostly dedicated to movie reviews, because it's the one I was watching when I decided to create a blog. Originally, Grimly Fiendish was meant to be a print fanzine, but sadly the loss of my job made me scratch that idea.

The movie is basically about the helluva hot Angel Blake, played by Linda Hayden. She struck me as soon as I saw her, since I remembered her from Taste The Blood Of Dracula. Of course, her role here is more 'meatier' in more ways than one. She's a hot little she-devil who seduces the young to be into her circle of evil, influenced by a beast that has been unearthed. Similar to Taste The Blood Of Dracula, it has a lot of the "Old Vs. Young" motifs, the young ones being whole-hearted satanists while the old ones protecting the status quou. It all makes for good satanic fun, with plenty of t&a, and genuinely scary scenes (such as the rape). I've read it compared to other witch-hunting films like Witchfinder General and Mark of the Devil. Witchfinder General is overall a better movie, while this film is nowhere near as sleazy or exploitative as Mark of the Devil. It holds it's own however, a nice witchcraft thriller full of horror and suspense.