martes, 26 de mayo de 2009

Blood From Satan's Claw

So I've decided to make this the first movie review on my blog, mostly dedicated to movie reviews, because it's the one I was watching when I decided to create a blog. Originally, Grimly Fiendish was meant to be a print fanzine, but sadly the loss of my job made me scratch that idea.

The movie is basically about the helluva hot Angel Blake, played by Linda Hayden. She struck me as soon as I saw her, since I remembered her from Taste The Blood Of Dracula. Of course, her role here is more 'meatier' in more ways than one. She's a hot little she-devil who seduces the young to be into her circle of evil, influenced by a beast that has been unearthed. Similar to Taste The Blood Of Dracula, it has a lot of the "Old Vs. Young" motifs, the young ones being whole-hearted satanists while the old ones protecting the status quou. It all makes for good satanic fun, with plenty of t&a, and genuinely scary scenes (such as the rape). I've read it compared to other witch-hunting films like Witchfinder General and Mark of the Devil. Witchfinder General is overall a better movie, while this film is nowhere near as sleazy or exploitative as Mark of the Devil. It holds it's own however, a nice witchcraft thriller full of horror and suspense.

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