lunes, 22 de febrero de 2010

An American Hippie In Israel

Mike (Asher Tzarfati) is an American hippie, going around, bumming about the world trying to escape his nightmares from his time in Vietnam. He gets a ride from a pretty girl who wants to be a hippie, and soon they get together with other hippies to have a crazy commune. Sadly this commune doesn’t last long, as a duo of killer mimes in suits shoot the hippies down in a hail of gunfire. Mike, his girl and another couple survive, and together decide to go to an island where they can live their ‘totally free’ lifestyle. They get there and have paradise for the first night, but soon things go from bad to insane, and in less than a day the hippies begin to try to kill each other and act like cannibals. I first heard of this ‘masterpiece’ in 2002 when a trailer was included in the Grindhouse Releasing DVD of I Drink Your Blood. From the get-go, me and my friends were obsessed by it. It looked like such a wacko picture, like something that was too insane to be believed. I was finally able to hunt down a copy, and everything I believed was completely true. This is a grindhouse exploitation film that was produced in Israel, of all places. The screenplay obviously tries to make something in the veins of Easy Rider, trying to create a portrait of why the hippie lifestyle is destined to fail. The problem is, this film was made in 1972, so it’s outdated by two years before it even got the chance! So the film takes itself way too seriously, and this creates a wave of hilarity that it’s almost hard to believe. Even with its ‘message’, the movie doesn’t make a lick of sense. The previously-mentioned killer mimes are apparently a part of Mike The Hippie’s past, but we don’t really elaborate on it. I guess they’re supposed to be the angels of death or something, but who the fuck knows. Then there’s this weird dream sequence where our hero is running up a mountain with a giant hammer and starts smashing what look like humans with cassettes for heads, playing chess in a globe-shaped table. What the fuck? As you can imagine, nothing of this is explained, it’s just there to be weird and ‘psychedelic’. The third act, in the island, starts off normal, but gets nuttier by the second. For starters we get the fakest-looking sharks in the history of cinema. Even Bruno Mattei would spit at these things. Then there’s the sequence where Mike argues with his hippie friend, but nothing happens because the other guy can’t speak English. By the end they start behaving like animals and screaming and drooling, and I just gave up on this thing. It’s completely ludicrous but if you want a laugh, you should seek this out.

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  1. I've never heard of this film, but it sounds so bloody awesome I'm going to have to try and find one.