viernes, 12 de febrero de 2010

Black Metal: A Norwegian Legacy????

Bill Zebub is a hero in the underground film community. Not because he’s talented or an accomplished filmmaker. He certainly isn’t and he’d be the first one to tell you. It’s because he’s able to make the sickest comedies and horror films filled with the most beautiful naked women in the underground horror scene. And indie filmmakers like me simply envy the motherfucker. He also makes documentaries, mainly about the metal scene, thanks to his involvement with the underground fanzine, the Grimoire. He’s done them about folk metal, death metal, and here we have one on black metal. Now to be fair, if you’re not a fan of black metal, then there’s a big chance you won’t give a shit about this documentary. Me? I’m a huge fan of black metal. I love the atmospheric vibe it creates and it inspires me when I’m writing horror screenplays. This documentary features some very well-known bands, like Ulver, Dark Funeral, Finntroll, Rotting Christ, Enslaved and Dimmu Borgir, among many others. There are a lot of jokes, but also a lot of history and commentary on the scene. It’s also humorous to see the rivalries that exist between the Norwegians, the Swedes and the bands from Finland and Austria. It’s pretty ridiculous but highly entertaining.On a negative note, the documentary is way too long and could have used from some editing work, mainly to focus it more so that it made more sense, instead of just people rambling and talking. The live performances are also a huge letdown, as the sound is atrocious and for the most part the only instrument you can make out are the drums. Still, if you are interested in black metal and the black metal scene, this comes highly recommended.

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