sábado, 27 de febrero de 2010

Punk Rock aka Teenage Runaways

I love 70’s/early 80’s pornography. It’s just awesome, seeing this stuff being filmed on 16/35mm stock gives it a real air of authenticity. Not that there’s anything wrong with watching the newer gonzo stuff, but the gonzo stuff is more for private moments. These I can actually share with a girlfriend and give her the excuse that we’re watching something artistic…. That is, if I had a girlfriend. Plus, there’s a real air of sleaze to the proceedings, not to mention really nice, bouncy breasts and more body hair tan a chipmunk and women with more hair on their vaginas than I do on my hair. It’s excellent. This film involves a private dick named Jimmy Dillinger (Wade Nichols) who gets himself framed and his young lover kidnapped. So he goes after her in the grimy streets of New York, and gets himself mixed up with the oh-so-dangerous punk rock scene, which is there solely to kidnap young girls, get hooked on drugs and sell them into white slavery. Weird, I was a part of the PR punk (and metal) scene for the longest time and I never heard of any white slavery rings. Yes, this movie isn’t exactly made to be an exact account of the punk rock scene in New York. In fact, there are no punk rock bands on the movie. There is one called The Squirrels who wear platform shoes and look like members of the Bay City Rollers. And the music? Forget it. The cast in the film is pretty good. Wade Nichols is surprisingly funny and realistic, and his NY accent is cool. We also get Robert Kerman (from Cannibal Holocaust) playing a police detective who really hates our hero Dillinger. And last but not least, I’d like to talk about the cute Jean Sanders, who plays Nan. She’s cute and very young looking, and her fucking talents are excellent. Hell, the best sex scenes in the movie are the ones that involve her, the others are pretty forgettable (even the pinball one). This is her only credit on IMDB, which is sad because I would love to see her fucking in other movies. This film was directed by the great Carter Stevens, who made such classics as Bizarre Styles and my personal favorite, Teenage Twins (featuring real twin sisters, yum!). This is a pretty damn good, funny porno film with a lot of great sex and a surprisingly good script. Make sure you hunt down the 77 minute porno version, you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Thank you for your kind words.

    Carter Stevens