miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2010

Dynamite Brothers

Stud (Timothy Brown from MASH, of all places) and Larry Chin (Alan Tang) are a black guy and a Chinese guy that are paired together through a series of bad misunderstandings, mainly a Chinese crime syndicate (led by James Hong, from Big Trouble In Little China), a bunch of black criminals, and a corrupt cop (played by Aldo Ray) in one mish-mash of kung fu and blaxploitation that is so pointless it must be seen to be believed. Yes, this is the story of the Dynamite Brothers, also known among MST3K and Cinematic Titanic fans as East Meets Watts. I hate Al Adamson’s films. I’m just going to start off the review with that little bit of phrase. I’m pretty sure the guy was cool when you got to know him, but his movies are abominable. If you’ve ever seen his productions, you know what I mean. First the constant re-editing of Psycho A Go Go into Bloody Pit Of Horror into the Fiend with the Atom Brain and then to Fiend With The Electronic Brain, I mean how many versions of the same movie are you going to make? He also gave us Dracula Vs. Frankenstein, which has the worst Dracula in the history of film (and he has an afro). His movies are like 50’s cornball horror made in the 70’s for no reason or point other than to be outdated for the drive-ins. And hey, he made a fortune! This is one of the few movies of his I’ve seen that seem to be ‘current’, and by current I mean that they were made during the appropriate time. Like I said before, it mixes two popular types of films, with blaxploitation and martial arts. The problem is that the movie has no way of pulling it off in a competent manner. The movie begins as a new version of The Defiant Ones, with the two men going around handcuffed, jumping from one red pick-up truck to the next. Yes, there’s a lot of running around time used for padding in this movie, so get used to it. There are a lot of action scenes as well, but these go half and half. The traditional stuff is badly staged and so badly lit you can’t really tell what the hell is going on. However, the action stuff, performed by Bruce Lee’s action stunt team, is pretty damn good. Alan Tang is no stranger to kung fu flicks, and even looks a bit like Bruce Lee. But sadly, it’s not enough to salvage this film. It’s better than most of the Al Adamson films, and if you get drunk with a bunch of friends, you might get a kick out of it, but other than that, you’d be better off just watching a jackass video.

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