lunes, 12 de abril de 2010


I’m a big fan of Tim Ritter, as I have said in my older review of Twisted Nerve. His Killing Spree is one of the greatest no-budget horror films of all time and it’s a movie that I constantly go back and watch again everything I get sick of filmmaking and need to get inspired. His movies are original, interesting and psychological, even if they have little to no budget. Creep in particular is very no-budgeted, but it still has some interesting points to it.
The story involves a real asshole named Angus Lynch (played by Ritter regular Joel D. Wincoop), who is just about the biggest asshole you’ve ever met, going around killing people and treating them like shit. He meets up with his stripper sister Kascha (played by 90’s sex scandal celebrity Kathy Willets) and both go on a killing spree, all the while a tough female cop (Patricia Paul) is trying to get to them both.
The movie’s main claim to fame is the fact that it does use Kathy Willets, who in the 90’s appeared in all the talk shows and was in a scandal for sleeping with some senator or something, I don’t know and I don’t care. She’s actually the movie’s biggest flaw, as her acting is non-existent and not even her stiff-hard fake breasts are able to make her interesting, which is a sad thing because the angle of a brother/sister incestuous killing team was the movie’s most interesting aspect. If Ritter had used a better actress, I’m sure this movie would have been better. But everything else is just cool. The murders are as over the top as always, and Joel D. Wincoop steals the show, playing one of the most unlikable but entertaining psychopaths in screen history. The ending’s twist is also really badass and completely came from left field. Touché, Mister Ritter, I had no idea it was coming.
So yes, this is a very low budget film, and suffers from a celebrity actress who really shouldn’t be there, but the film is really damn good and very well worth watching. Recommended to horror fans everywhere.

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