lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

Dead Doll

I have a lot of instances where I go into a movie not really expecting anything, and end up really enjoying the picture. Case in point, Dead Doll. I wasn’t really interested in watching movies about killer life-size dolls because I find the idea a little uninteresting, and had already seen good examples of this type of film like Love Object, a very underrated film.
The film is basically a re-hash of a Frankenstein/revenge story, only with a sex doll. A temperamental artist gets a less-than-enthusiastic response to his latest sculpture from his girlfriend. Her harsh words cause him to fly into a rage, and he kills her. In order to hide the body, he crafts a sexy life-size doll and hides her remains inside. Her spirit begins to animate the doll and as the doll is passed from one owner to another, she lures men into using her for pleasure and then takes bloody revenge against them.
The acting and production values are pretty good for this kind of film, although I would be lying if I told you I didn’t find some flaws in the technical aspects once in a while. The idea of a doll who makes different people go insane is a good one, although to be honest I would have liked to have seen more women become obsessed and psychotic with the thing. But everything about this movie means nothing compared to our lead actress, played by Romi Koch. She is hot and is constantly naked, and kept me guessing her accent all the way through. Is she German? Romanian? Austrian? She really does look like a sex doll. Talk about perfect casting.
So yes, I enjoyed this picture, but I do have to give it it’s own warning. It’s not scary nor suspenseful, and most of the comedy falls flat on it’s face. But it is entertaining, and I guess we can’t really ask more of it, can we?

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