lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

La Rebelion De Las Muertas

Paul Naschy was a true legend, and a real inspiration for yours truly. While he worked mostly in horror, he made every kind of movie possible, and he made them his own. He’s kind of an auteur in a way, as everytime you watch one of his films you feel like you’re watching something exclusively by him, and not just because he stars in most of them. But well, that’s what I thought until I saw this wacko, bat-shit crazy bonkers of a horror movie.
The story is simple: Naschy plays two roles, that of a Hindu guru named Krishna, and his deformed psychotic brother Kantaka (I’m dead serious) who are fighting over the soul of a pretty young woman named Elvire (played by Romy, and yes it’s one of those one-name actresses). While Krishna uses the powers of good, Kantaka uses the powers of evil, which include an army of female zombies. You know they’re zombies because they’re wearing blue paint. Duh.
As I said, this movie is ridiculous. The story is basically a mystery over the Naschy character and whether or not it’s him or his twin, even though we know from the beginning that it’s Kantaka who’s doing all the evil stuff. There is some nice, gory death scenes and some ample nudity, but the most memorable aspect to it are the surreal Satanic sequences that Romy goes through, where we see Naschy, dressed as a grinning satyr, doing the spells. This is both creepy and hilarious, but you can’t really stop watching it.
Watch it on drugs.

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