lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

Shock O Rama

I am not the biggest fan of the Seduction Cinema crew. Not that what they’re doing is bad or anything, but after taking a peek at the tits, there’s really little to nothing to recommend about them, since most of their attempts at humor are just, well, horrible. They do have a lot of good-looking women however. Misty Mundae, AJ Khan, Julian Wells, Caitlin Ross, they’re all here, and they’re all memorable in this omnibus film that actually tries to be different from the norm.
Yes, it’s an omnibus, which means it’s different stories in one movie. The central story deals with a group of low-budget exploitation filmmakers trying to find a new actress to get naked in their latest opus. Here they begin to watch different movies, and it’s from these movies that the stories come from, with the exception of Misty Mundae’s story, Zombie This, which features her character, Rebecca Raven, fighting a zombie in a woodshed ala Evil Dead. The first story is by far the best, Mecharachnia, which features an alien visitor who takes over a car dump and creates a giant robot monster using the parts. I love it mainly because of it’s use of stop-motion animation, on the alien and on the monster truck (literally).
The third story, Lonely Are The Brain, is the longest and has the most sex. It’s very interesting, and puts out some good ideas. It’s cool to see the typical lesbian antics of AJ Kahn and Julian Wells go on full display with a better written horror story than your typical SC film. The ending, featuring an evil brain, is hilarious and the effect is top notch. It doesn’t have the imagination of Mecharachnia, but it’s still pretty cool.
Add to that a funny script, top notch cinematography and of course, a ton of lesbian sex, and you got yourself a pretty damn good horror omnibus film. Highly entertaining and highly recommended.

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