miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2009

Bizarre aka Profumo

Bizarre, erotic fantasies lie beneath the bourgeois facade of Corbi (Luciano Bartoli) and Laurie’s (the drop-dead gorgeous Florence Guerin) depraved marriage. For five years Laurie submits to the twisted desires of her husband until one day he asks her to do something so abhorrent (like a gun up the snatch) that she flees to a peaceful house by the sea. There she meets Edward (Robert Egon), a considerate American who helps her discover joy. But Corbi is difficult to escape, physically and emotionally. One night as Laurie and Edward are making love, they hear strange noises in the home and discover Corbi is secretly watching them. Edward beats Corbi so severely that he nearly kills him. Laurie then concocts a diabolical plan for revenge against her husband!
When it comes to erotic thrillers, this one is definitely on top of the list, as far as quantity over quality is concerned. There is so much sex in this movie that is hard to watch it without a raging boner, especially considering how beautiful our leads are. It’s kinky as hell too, our actors were very brave, from showing us full close-ups of vaginas, to American actor Robert Egon getting a finger, and a comb, up his ass. Sadly their sexual bravery doesn’t translate to acting talent, and they are all pretty dull without an exception. Robert Egon in particular looks like a Barbie version of Ron Perlman from Beauty & The Beast, although to his defense, he has a cool name. Florence Guerin is extremely beautiful and is one of the bravest actresses in the world, but she can’t act either.
So to keep this one short and sweet, I’ll just say that this film could have been better if it was a full-on porno. It has a lot of explicit, and mostly kinky sex scenes that border on the hardcore but doesn’t go all the way. They tried to make a good erotic thriller, but they forgot that for a thriller to work, erotic or not, it has to have suspense. This movie is pretty rare, I myself could only find it with Chinese subtitles, but trust me, it’s not worth the hunt.

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