sábado, 14 de noviembre de 2009

Virgins From Hell

What starts off as a promising biker film ends up a rather disappointing, rather uninteresting women-in-prison film, although technically they are not in prison. A girl biker gang starts robbing a criminal empire, so the criminals wage war on the bikers until they are captured and sent into a jail-like building, where they are forced to take hand in hard labor, do sexual favors and receive horrific torture if they ever disobey. This doesn’t last long, however, and soon we’ll be seeing a full-blown rebellion on our hands, filled with bullets, killings and exploding people.
This movie nowhere goes very far, even though it badly wants to. You see, this film is from Indonesia, and during the time it was made, you couldn’t show any kind of nudity because of its strict censorship laws. To this day the only movie from Indonesia that I’ve seen that has any nudity is Lady Terminator, which is a masterpiece of shit cinema. The best moments are the torture sequences, such as when they get raped, a woman who gets herself cooked, barbecue-style, and a sex game that includes hardcore whippings. There are some cool action sequences, particularly the good doctor who turns all of the sudden into a badass action hero shooting everyone in the way. Then there were moments that are just weird, like the sequences when they talk and they all seem to be bathing happily in the cave’s lake. I was like, what the fuck? Did they forget they were imprisoned?
There is some medical stuff that is thrown in as a subplot, including a medicine that can turn women into complete sex slaves, and then another that makes a guy literally blow bubbles out of his skin and explode grotesquely, but this doesn’t last very long, sadly. As I said, this movie wanted to go far, but it didn’t cross far enough. However, I recommend you stick with it, because the third act is pretty damn violent and kickass, full of deaths and explosions. So even with it's faults, I still recommend it.

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