miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2009

Perverted Passion

A fat, sweaty peeping tom/strangler is going around Los Angeles, looking into couples having sex, then going to find a girl and strangling them. This all goes on until another killer, wearing a motorcycle helmet that looks more like a kid’s astronaut toy, shoots him while robbing a couple that was fucking. That’s the film, which only lasts an hour.
I thought I was about to watch the worst porno movie in my life. After all, it was shot on 8mm, for God’s sake, but I actually ended up enjoying the damn thing. The fat guy in the lead role can’t act, for sure, but there’s something very weird about him, almost as if you can believe the things that he’s doing could really be done by this dude. The voice-over is actually pretty good, and doesn’t get annoying at all. Now, for the sex scenes, which I know is your main interest, they’re half in half. I’m helluva happy that the women here look like real women and not plastic, silicone and collagen covered Barbie dolls, but sadly the sex ranges from mediocre to uninteresting, and for the most part the women don’t really look that they’re enjoying it. Add to this the bad 8mm cinematography, where the scenes sometimes lose all their lighting and then returns, in a constant loop that gets old pretty quick. The best scene belongs to a tall, thin guy and a prostitute who bicker while trying to have sex, fighting about how he can’t get it up and how she should be doing her job. It was pretty hilarious, even if it ends on a grim note, and I thought it could have been it’s own movie.

This is a short and quick film, and it’ll give you a few boners, so I guess it does it’s job. The director was none other than Ray Dennis Steckler, the hack-tastic auteur who gave us such classics as The Thrill Killers, Rat Pfink and Boo Boo and The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies. Oddly enough, one of the prostitutes looks suspiciously like his muse and ex-wife, Carolyn Brandt, down to her famous long legs. Her lack of nudity makes me think this might have been her. Too bad she doesn’t get down, she was helluva hot back in her day.

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