martes, 10 de noviembre de 2009

Eat The Schoolgirl

You know why Japan is better than you? Because they make movies like this. Movies that are so ballsy and give a true fuck you to the rules of traditional film writing and filmmaking.
The story deals with a young man who also murders people without any motivation. Men or women, and sometimes dressed as a woman, he just doesn’t care. He eviscerates his victims and makes shish kabob out of them, then ejaculates onto them. Meanwhile, our ‘hero’ is in love with a beautiful phone sex operator that reveals herself and enters his life, a girl who happens to have angel-like scars on her back. Meanwhile, we get to take on the pleasure of seeing another woman, and future victim of our lead, get herself kidnapped by a gang of criminals and forced to take part in a weird porno-snuff film where she is repeatedly raped, forced to gag on a blowjob, then receive an impromptu enema, all in explicit glory. Or, at least as explicit as Japanese films go.
This film is explicit as hell of course, and batshit nuts on the disgusting level. There is a lot of gore, a lot of sex, and yes, a lot of shit and semen. However, there are a lot of elements that make it come out of your typical exploitation film, such as the mixings of different genres. We get a teenage romance element at the center of it’s story (even if it is between an angel and a killer), we have subplots like the one mentioned above with the camera snuff crew, an element of crime, prostitution, and even touches of surrealism (such as the bird toy turning into a real bird if the mood depends on it). Not to mention the narrative is all over the place.
The ending is quite strange. Some people might consider it offensive that a vicious rapist/murderer gets to have a happily ever after with an angel who comes visit him and take him to heaven, but if you are offended, you have to remember that this is a Japanese exploitation film, and all rules are off. The man who directed this film also directed that piece of shit we can’t help but love, Stacy: Attack of the Schoolgirl Killer, but I happen to like this movie a whole lot more, and at sixty minutes, you can’t go wrong.

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