miércoles, 25 de noviembre de 2009

Entrails Of A Virgin

Oh Japan, won’t you ever learn? Of course you won’t, and thank God for that. And thank God for Synapse, for releasing this classic sleazy horror film from the land of the rising sun! The story deals with a group of sleazy fashion photographers who take a few models and makeup artist girls into a country house for fun and fucking. But soon, for no apparent reason, a naked dude covered in mud and with a huge penis starts slaughtering them all, one by one.
The film’s storyline is similar to Evil Dead, although this is nowhere near as good. It is however a pretty sleazy and slutty affair. Basically a horror porn, it features hardcore pornography and realistic sex scenes, only covered up by a blur thanks to Japan’s tendency of covering up the private areas downstairs on their performers. The sex can sometimes be very disgusting, and more than once the women spit out and choke on huge wads of semen. These long sex scenes are basically filler, and the movie could easily last half an hour if you trimmed them down. The deaths are all pretty gory however, so it makes up for it. We get a beheading by broken glass, a guy impaled by a lance, a dude who’s eye pops out after getting a hammer to the head, and my favorite, a woman who’s gone insane with sex, and after receiving a cumshot that looks more like a hose than anything else, gets the ‘ultimate fisting’, as the killer rams his arm up her joytrail and it ends up coming out of her stomach. Sam Raimi was never this ballsy!
The film is very well directed and the lighting is truly impressive, featuring a lot of good backyard shots. These are the ones that remind you the most of Evil Dead. Oddly enough, this movie is known more around the world as Guts Of A Virgin, and the director would make two more films in the series, both featuring the title of Entrails Of A Beautiful Woman. I have to review that one in the future. Anyway, this movie is gross and violent and pretty damn fun, just don’t watch it with your girlfriend unless she has an unusually strong stomach.

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