miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2009

Elysia, Valley of the Nude

If you’re a fan of exploitation movies, you can’t help but reach that almighty genre of shit known as the Nudist Colony film. They came to prominence in the 40’s and 50’s, before sexploitation, the roughies, and the eventual genre of pornography have risen, but it all started with this. They would be covered under the intentions of being educational, but it’s just an excuse to see people naked, particularly hot ladies naked.
In the story, a doctor teaches a young man to come and see a nudist colony to learn about it and how they behave. Here, we see the nudist people having fun, swimming, talking, even playing baseball and boxing. They must have no interest in protecting their balls, I wish the baseball had hit them in the vag so they know what the cup is for. But our hero doesn’t give a shit, hell most of the time he doesn’t seem to give a shit about what he’s talking about, he’s just looking for a hot blonde that he saw when he got in. And who can blame him, look at her below! She’s a fox!
I would say that this is a bad movie, but with a running time of twenty minutes and some naked attractive women running around, you won’t really get bored. Besides, it was released in 1938 and was the first of it’s type, so it does have it’s historical significance. But then again, most nudist camp films are just plain boring, they’re simply shots of naked women and dudes playing volleyball with strategically-placed bushes and items to cover their vaginas and dicks. And this is no different.

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