martes, 10 de noviembre de 2009

La Nave De Los Monstruos

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Mexico makes the wackiest movies in the world. Well, at least they used to. If you thought the review for “El Charro De Las Calaveras” sounded bizarre, wait till you hear this one. It involves two Venusian woman, one a vampire (for some ungodly reason) who are going around the galaxy gathering men from different planets. Sadly, most men are just weird creatures, creatures so rubbery and fake-looking they make Robot Monster look like a Pixar creation. They decide to go to Earth next, where one of them falls in love with an unfunny singing cowboy, while the vampire one decides to mutiny against the mission and take over the planet, with the help of the other ‘males’.
Like I said in my previous reviews, most of these Mexican genre films feel like a little boy playing with action figures, since they literally throw everything but the kitchen sink into the place. As I said, the monsters look ridiculous, particularly the skeleton with the cow skull that is held together by clearly-visible wires. Still, there’s definitely a charm about these characters. There’s even a giant robot made out of, what looks like, recycled aluminum cans. The two Venusian women are played by truly beautiful women. The good one is played by Ana Bertha Lepe, but the interesting one, the evil vampire one, is played by Amazonian babe Lorena Velazquez, who played similar femme fatale roles in films like Santo Vs. The Vampire Women and the female luchadora films like the previously-reviewed Las Lobas Del Ring and The Wrestling Women Vs. The Aztek Mummy. Every time she is on screen, I drool at her beautiful eyes, tall body and incredibly long legs.
While the humor and monster-movie elements are normally a plus, there is a mayor negative that brings the film down for me once in a while, involving actor Eulalio Gonzales. He’s a singing cowboy in the Gene Autry and Roy Rogers kind of way, only a lot more annoying. His humor scenes range from the good, like the bar scenes where he interacts with other cowboys, to the terrible self-deprecating humor. The movie also could have used a mayor editing job, and taken away those terrible, boring songs he sings. They stop the flow of the movie, a movie that could have worked if it lasted sixty-something minutes only. Still, the movie is highly entertaining and cheesy as fuck, and comes recommended for b-movie parties and drunken entertainment.

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