domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2009

Santo Contra La Hija De Frankenstein

Frankenstein’s daughter is alive and well in this Santo adventure. Here, the evil scientist’s daughter needs a stronger blood formula to be able to stay alive, since she uses a weird potion so that she doesn’t age. She decides that the best blood belongs to wrestler Santo, so she and her henchmen kidnap his girlfriend and the obligatory best friend and take them into their underground lair. Santo goes to the rescue, but soon realizes that he isn’t just fighting against the evil doctor’s daughter, but a gang of henchmen made up of old men with young powers, and the obligatory killer monsters created by the evil doctor.
This movie reminds me a lot of Night Of The Bloody Apes, not just because of it’s use of shoddy science, like the monster who looks like a monster because it was given a transfusion with gorilla blood, but the make up looks similar to that particular classic. It’s awesome to see El Santo kicking bad guy ass, and here he gets to do so, plus fight the obligatory giant monsters. Thankfully, there aren’t that many wrestling sequences, which most of the time drag the film and make it a little boring. The rest of the cast isn’t that great. Gina Romand is pretty, but she isn’t very menacing as the main villain, and is not a good addition to the Frankenstein cannon. Her changing hair styles don’t help either, the Script Girl in this film must have been drunk.
I’m a big fan of EL Santo and the Mexican wrestling movies, and you know this because of the many positive reviews I’ve given to these films in my blog, but this one just isn’t that great. It lacks a fun and wild script, and cool action sequences, the two main things that these kinds of movies need. Unless you’re a diehard like myself, I say skip it.

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