domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2009


Isabel Sarli. These two words together are enough to give me a boner and a grin. If you read my review for Extasy Tropical, then you would know who I’m talking about. She is a beautiful actress, active from the late 50’s until the early 80’s, who made some of the most famous sexploitation melodramas to come out of Argentina, thanks to her husband and director, Armando Bo. When Bo died, she retired from the scene, and she hasn’t resurfaced until only recently to make fan appearances and receive lifetime achievement awards. She was famous for her beautiful looks and incredible body, and her ability to look like she’s in lust, all the time.
The plot of this film follows the typical stuff you see in Sarli’s films. Sarli is a sex-starved nymphomaniac who can’t get enough of the fucking, and drives the men (and women) around her insane. Here we get to see Sarli at her most sexually explicit, with her constant breast-squeezing and masturbating. There is a scene where two men fight over her, and she masturbates as she watches them fight. We see her in the shower with another woman, and she even takes off her clothes to touch herself in the snow, and you can see it’s no fake snow, since she’s trembling all over. She also masturbates with some cigars, now that’s high class.
Not much can be said about this, it’s the type of thing that everything about it is said simply by it’s synopsis. Sarli shows why she’s one of the most beautiful women in sexploitation, oozing perversity and sexuality in every sequence she’s on. Watch it and get ready to whack it.

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