miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2009

The Killing Of Satan

Lando (yeah that’s right, his name is Lando) is a badass Philipino who is destined to fight the forces of evil. He and his family have superpowers, like throwing light rays and bad animated flashes. When his son is murdered, his daughter kidnapped and his wife beaten, so he goes after the satanic cult that is responsible. There he goes, throwing lasers and kicking ass until he has to fight none other than Satan himself.
There’s not much you can say about this particular shit-fest. It’s one of the most famous titles of the VHS era, thanks to it’s eye-catching cover art, but really that’s the best part of the film. I know a lot of people have some particular nostalgic love for this, and I even wanted to like it on a cheese-tastic level, but I just couldn’t. There doesn’t seem to be a damn screenplay written at all, it’s just one random even after another. We don’t get any explanations as to why Lando and his family can have these weird superpowers, they go into a cave then they fight a snake man and a bunch of thugs and they God shows up, and he looks like Old Man Willow, and then he fights the Devil.
And the Devil looks as stock and generic as possible, with horns, a tuxedo, a Dracula cape and a even a damn pitchfork! The end fight is very anti-climactic, with the hero just praying and getting a stick to fight the Devil. Should have stuck the stick up the horned one’s ass! So yeah I can imagine a lot of people getting into it on a ‘so bad it’s good’ level, and you know I normally watch a lot of crap and enjoy it, but I draw the line at this one. This is one of the worst movies ever made, you have been warned.

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