lunes, 8 de marzo de 2010

Action Jackson

The 80’s was the great decade of action, in my opinion. It was the decade where people like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Dolph Lundgren and Chuck Norris made their best work during this era. But one of them seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle, and it’s sad because he’s actually pretty cool. This lost action icon is Carl Weathers, who kicked ass as Apollo Creed in the Rocky films and ruled as Dillon in Predator. So some people seem to forget his biggest role as “Action” Jackson.
The plot involves Action, a good guy cop who gets himself into a lot of trouble for using too much violence. Kinda like a soul-brotha version of Dirty Harry. When an old nemesis, Peter Dellaplane (played by Craig T. Nelson) returns to his life and frames him for the murder of his wife, Jackson must pair up with former Dellaplane drug whore Sydney Ash (played by singer Vanity) to clear his name and fight the evil Dellaplane before he continues wiping out his competition.
I don’t know why the hell this movie didn’t become more of a cult hit, it’s awesome! For starters, the cast is spot on. Carl Weathers is badass as already mentioned, and Craig T. Nelson is surprisingly slimy as the bad guy, and looks like he’s having a helluva good time. Sharon Stone and Vanity are also great, since they’re very attractive and get naked enough times to get me turned on. Yeah, too much information. The action sequences are all pretty badass, and we get a lot of extreme stunts and explosions. It’s obvious that Jackson was meant to have his own franchise. I guess the movie didn’t make any money, because we never saw any.. It’s too bad, because there was the potential to make something really special, at least based on the first one. It’s got kick-ass stunts, car chases, gore, and nudity. Highly underrated, check it out!

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  1. Ha, who the hell has a name like Action? I mean really? Ha, this one probably didnt take off because Carl Weathers wasnt really much of an action star. He came out of nowhere with this movie and it just didnt take off.

    Ive been meaning to re-watch this one for laughs. Craig T. Nelson is always a plus on any movie, specially when he can be funny. But seeing him as a villain is interesting, different.

  2. You are absolutely right: The 80s was a great time for action movies. Action Jackson is a classic.