martes, 16 de marzo de 2010

La Endemoniada

We all love Amando De Ossorio here in the Grimly Fiendish blog. After all, he gave us the Blind Dead films, one of the best of the horror series, as far as I’m concerned. We even love his shitty monster movie from the early 80’s, The Sea Serpent, which was reviewed recently, right here on this blog. But even the people you love do pieces of shit once in a while. For every Brazil, Baron Munchausen and Time Bandits that Terry Gilliam puts out, there is also The Brothers Grimm, and for every Alien, Blade Runner and Legend that Ridley Scott puts out, he also puts out crap like, well, everything after those three. So yes, every filmmaker makes a bad movie once in a while, and De Ossorio did one of his bad movies in 1975 when he decided that the best way to go to deviate from his Blind Dead films was to release a truly terrible Exorcist rip-off. The story involves a young girl who gets possessed by an evil gypsy, who wants to kill everyone in the family after being accused of killing a child in a satanic ritual. The problem is not that this is an Exorcist ripoff. After all, I’ve seen many of them and they’re pretty sleazy, like Antichrist from Italy and Exorcism from Spain. The problem with this particular film is that it doesn’t go far enough. Sure, there are some things that might make you giggle once in a while, like when they sacrifice a baby (offscreen, sadly) and the young girl possessed castrates a guy (offscreen, again). You never see them because of Ossorio’s unusual restrain, but jus thinking about them sure made me grin. Sadly, because De Ossorio decided to use a young girl instead of a beautiful woman like most of the ripoffs do, we don’t get enough perverse sex and violence, which is what we look for in these kinds of films. You get a lot of cursing, but if you saw the first one, it’s nothing new. Along with all this, we get a pretty dull cast of nobodies, and by nobodies I mean that you don’t remember any of them as the movie goes along, their faces and performances are as bland as it gets. The production design, which is where this movie should have shone, is pretty flat and looks more like a catholic school’s rendition of what a satanic ritual might look like. Add to that the boredom of the story and lack of sleaziness, and you got yourself a pretty forgettable, dull movie. I don’t know what happened to De Ossorio, considering how sleazy his Blind Dead films are, and Night of the Sorcerers is, but I guess he needed to pay the lights, because this movie has zero creativity, and zero scares. Pass on it.

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