lunes, 8 de marzo de 2010

Shock 'Em Dead

Stephen Quadros plays Martin, a true loser who can’t seem to get his life in check. Girls laugh at him, his landlord is giving him shit, and his dreams of becoming a rock star with the band Creeping Flesh are not going anywhere. So, he makes a deal with the devil, and turns himself into a guitar-shredding soul-sucking psychopath named Angel Martin. Things are looking good, committing violence and getting laid with a trio of evil assistants, until his affection for band manager Lindsay Roberts (Traci Lords) begins to bring tension into the band, and soon they discover that things aren’t quite right with their talented guitar player.
A friend of mine recommended this film after I told him I had an interest in heavy metal horror films, like Rocktober Blood, Trick Or Treat and Hack O Lantern. So I hunted down a copy and finally saw it, and this is definitely the least interesting of the genre I have seen in a while. The music is goofy as hell, the kind that would make Nitro sound like Led Zeppelin. The script is truly ridiculous, and has so many plotholes. The way the characters change personalities and inconsistency in their performances really made it kind of hard to understand, and some are so over the top, like the singer, that you have to laugh. If he’s in a metal band, why is he dressed like a Loverboy reject?
Not even Traci Lords can save this. Sure, she’s hot, but she can’t act and she doesn’t get naked so who gives a fuck? I preferred her when she was in porn. So yes, this movie is bad, but if you like cheesy flicks, you might find this entertaining. In it’s defense, I never found the movie boring at all. I laughed a lot, even if it was more at the movie than with the movie, but I can’t complain, it gets the job done. So even with it’s faults, I recommend it for being hilarious. Watch it high.

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  1. Im dying to see that Trick or Treat movie with Gene Simmons and Alice Cooper, but I cant find that damn dvd anywhere!

    You would like Rock and Roll Nightmare if you havent seen it.