martes, 16 de marzo de 2010

Emanuelle In America

Laura Gemser stars as Emanuelle, a black version of the famous literary sex icon, and an investigative reporter and photographer who lives in New York. When she’s not working on photographing naked women, she goes to investigate different sex rackets all over the world. When she poses as a high-class hooker (basically), she discovers a home where rich people go and have sex, and realizes that these people are actually working on a network of snuff films. Now it’s up to Emanuelle to put the lid off this network of evil, no matter who might get pissed off, or who she might have to fuck.
This was directed by Joe D’Amato, one of my favorite directors in the exploitation genre. His movies range from the awesome (Buio Omega), to the mediocre (Porno Holocaust), and everything in between, including high-class porn. Emanuelle in America is probably his best film, as it features everything that the guy truly made great. He really hit gold when he found Laura Gemser, a tall, black, nubian goddess with an incredible body and a very interesting face, and willing to do everything short of hardcore. Here we see her in full glory, having sex with everyone, including the hot as hell Lorraine De Salle (Cannibal Ferox). Gemser would go Around The World, into the White Slave Trade, to an island of Lost Cannibals and into a Women’s Prison Massacre, and she always managed to get naked and have sex.
There is a lot of explicit, pornographic sex in this film, and boy do they do it with gusto. This isn’t like Porno Holocaust, where we see a woman sucking on a flaccid penis, here it’s pure hardcore and shot beautifull, by the way. We have interracial threesomes, s&m/abuse, just a lot of kinky sex. The king scene of course, is the woman masturbating the horse. You’ll either be grossed out, or aroused. That woman sure haves fun playing with that gigantic pink and black dick!
The movie gets really good when the snuff subplot pops in, and are the best sequences in the film. Gemser’s reaction to watching a snuff film are really interesting, as she seems to be both being repulsed, and being aroused at the same time. It makes for more interesting watching, instead of seeing Nicolas Cage in 8mm groaning and making faces and showing us yet again why he’s such a bad actor. The snuff film itself looks surprisingly realistic, with lips being ripped apart, backs and bodies being mutilated, and more disturbing of all, a woman being impaled by a giant, spiked dildo. Ouch! The makeup is incredible and disturbingly realistic, and even made me cringe. Sadly, the movie goes downhill when the snuff subplot ends, and the ending is completely ridiculous. Still, this is a great exploitation movie, one of the best, and is D’Amato’s best.

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