lunes, 8 de marzo de 2010

Barbara The Barbarian

By The Deformed Dicks of Cronos, this is a bad porno. I mean, it features some of my favorite porno actresses of the 80’s, like Barbara Dare, Nina Hartley, Erica Boyer and Jeanna Fine, but it sadly wasn’t enough.
The story involves a barbarian queen named Barbara (Barbara Dare) who goes to war to rescue her little sister, who is also a hot porn star-looking barbarian. That’s basically the plot, as the story is padded with intensity with some pretty short but non-eventful sex scenes. And I also had a problem with the way the film was produced. We start off with women living in a cavegirl-like existence, meanwhile the bad guys live in what looks like a rejected stage play of Arabian Nights, with frilly costumes and expensive-looking rugs. I know this is a porno and I shouldn’t give a shit, but for some reason this really bothered me. I actually preferred the cave settings, since they looked like they were made in paper mache and I’m always a sucker for cheap-looking crap.
You’ll definitely get a boner from the actresses in the film, and I guess that should be enough, but I normally defend 70’s and 80’s pornography, but this title is just not worth defending. It’s not great like Femmes De Sade or Through The Looking Glass, that’s for sure.

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