sábado, 13 de marzo de 2010

King Of The Lost World

Oh, The Asylum, will you ever learn? This movie has the balls to say it’s based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic adventure story, The Lost World. Yeah, and I’m a Japanese anorexic albino. Truth is, this is The Asylum’s answer to Peter Jackson’s King Kong, which I happen to like less than this particular film (worship the original, though). A plane crashes in the middle of a dense tropical island, where the survivors are forced to live from the land and try to survive, not only from each other, but from different dangers such as giant animals and a giant gorilla.
As you can imagine, this movie doesn’t take just from King Kong, but is also inspired by Jurassic Park and the tv series, Lost, which I’ve personally never seen an episode of. The story is not that different from your typical adventure yarns from the 30’s and 40’s, so if you enjoy those like I do, there is no reason why you shouldn’t like this movie. Acting wise, the movie is populated by the familiar faces, if you’re familiar with the films from The Asylum, such as Jeff Denton, Christina Rosenberg (who was in The Telling) and the beautiful Sarah Leaving, who was in such ‘classics’ as 666: The Child, The Hitchhiker and Invasion of the Pod People. They are all good-looking and they all do a good job. Steve Railsback also shows up, and again, he looks like he’s on coke. Sadly, the movie has one huge flaw, and that’s the monsters. It's CGI all the way. And not good CGI. We get a big spider, some big scorpions, some flying dragons, and of course the giant gorilla. The CGI critters are all pretty unconvincing and detract from the film. Also, there's just not much monster action, and most of what little there is takes place in the third act. The CGI gorilla, which we don't see much of at all, doesn't so much look like a CGI gorilla as it does a CGI man in a gorilla costume. Pretty disappointing, but still, the overall film is not that bad, I mean, it’s The Asylum. I’ll take their movies over Roland Emmerich’s any day.

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