lunes, 8 de marzo de 2010

Bobbie Jo And The Outlaw

I love Lynda Carter. I have the entire Wonder Woman TV series and I even watch that stupid movie, Sky High, just because she’s in it. She’s tall, she’s voluptuous, she has the best tits of the 70’s and her big blue eyes are simply bewitching. No wonder it’s so hard to cast the WW movie, I’m not surprised that they can’t find a good substitute! When I heard she made a movie in the 70’s where she showed her beautiful naked body, I had to hunt it down. Surprisingly enough, I stayed on after the nude scenes, and was really surprised by how good this movie is.
The film is basically a rip-off of Bonnie & Clyde, having the same basic story. Marjoe Gortner plays Lyle, a good-looking rebel who gets himself on the wrong side of the law by accident and goes on the run. On the way she meets Bobbie Jo (Lynda Carter), an aspiring country singer who wants to escape the small town life and go-nowhere existence with her mother. Turned on by crime, she decides to join in, and soon the two become a regular pack of criminals, forming their own gang and going out robbing banks. Of course, the law is in their tails not long after that.
Even with it’s derivative plot, the movie is very interesting. Marjoe Gortner and Linda Carter both share a lot of chemistry and are good as the gang of criminals, and the rest of the supporting cast is believable, not being too good-looking to upstage them and for the most part looking like real people. The movie also shares a good deal of action sequences, and very well-made robberies. The last stand-off, in front of The Alamo, is very well staged and even if the ending is predictable, it kind of leaves you with a sense of tragedy about what might have been. Lynda Carter looks great of course, but I have to admit that her acting talent is definitely not very good, at least not here, she got better on Wonder Woman. Even so, this is a very entertaining caper flick and features one of the most beautiful women in the history of film in the nude, so what do you have to lose?

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  1. May I ask where you got such a high quality source for this film?

    I really want to watch this film, as I am also a HUGE Lynda Carter fan, but haven't found a high quality source to download (or even DVD/VHS) like the screens you have provided.

    If you could rip the movie you have and upload to Megaupload or something, I would be immensely grateful but I understand if you can't.

    Thanks a lot