miércoles, 17 de marzo de 2010

Luchadores De Las Estrellas

If you know me or have seen my blog in any way, you know that I have an undying passion for Mexican wrestling movies. I love the fantasy stories, I love the superhero aspect to them, the romance, the monsters, the wrestling movies, everything. After the death of El Santo in 1984, the films began to go down heavily, but once in a while they would come back, not exactly in their old way. In the 90’s, the wrestling films became grittier, more realistic, such as Lucha A Muerte and other films like that. But one of them decided to go against the mold, and try to be a family-friendly kiddie fantasy. It didn’t really work.
The story concerns a female wrestler named Larossa, played by Gloria Mayo, who is an alien princess in disguise. One day, an alien spaceship arrives containing a huge intergalactic vampire and three alien midgets who are on the search for this woman, probably to kill her. With the help of two athletic wrestlers, Misterioso and Volador, she fights against this evil creature. That’s the basic plot. Sadly, it wasn’t enough. The problem with this movie isn’t that it’s a badly made film. After all, when you watch a Mexican wrestling film, you’re not expecting Ben Hur or anything like that. The problem with it is that it’s boring, very very boring. The heroes are bland and dull, carrying no personality whatsoever. When Blue Demon made a cameo, all I could wish was that he had been the lead wrestler, because he’s so damn cool. Misterioso and Volador are just not up to par with the classic wrestlers, and the bad guy, played by the gigantic Nitron, over-acts like hell and is as scary as Grampa on Halloween.
The movie does have one thing where it shines, and that’s in the wrestling sequences. In the old movies, these where some of my least favorite scenes, but not here. They’re shot with a lot of energy, and the wrestlers display their movies quite well,, doing high-flying stunts and kicking ass all over the place. Even the lead, Gloria Mayo, does a good job wrestling, unless it was a double. It reminded me of the TLC matches between The Dudley Boys and The Hardy Boys back in the start of the millenium: just a lot of cool moves and stunts. But as I said, those are the few rays of light in a very dull film. Maybe it’s not always good to be in the fantasy world. Maybe once in a while, you should be more realistic, like in the fighting sequences. Pass on it.

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