sábado, 13 de marzo de 2010

Cindy & Donna

Cindy (Debbie Osbourne) & Donna (Nancy Ison) are two very attractive sisters with two very different mentalities. You see, Cindy is the virginal type, afraid of sex and what it changes it gives to women. Meanwhile, Donna is a full-blown whore who will sleep with everyone with a pulse, and does. Cindy keeps watching Donna up to the point where she even sees her having sex with their teenage-starved father. Now that’s what I call loose! Donna, being the good sister that she is, introduces Cindy to sex, and all kinds of kinky sex, from posing in photos to having group sex. As you can imagine, everything ends in tragedy. Yes, this is your typical moralistic sexploitation movie you seem to get in the late 60’s and early 70’s, showing how sex can turn families into skanks. So that angle gives it a more hilarious angle. I also have to give it credit for the cinematography. For a movie that was made in 1970, I was surprised by how good this film looks, as it looks more like it was shot in the late 70’s. Sadly, there’s not much to recommend in this movie. The acting is atrocious for the most part, done by actresses who were never able to get out of the sexploitation genre. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but considering Nancy Ison’s other movie is the dreadful The Stewardesses, I’m not surprised. Thankfully most of the young actresses get naked, a lot, and very explicitly short of showing us her vagina. Speaking of nudity, there’s a young actress who plays a 17 year old stripper who has sex with the girl’s father. Who is this woman? She is incredibly hot! So yes, this movie is good if you need to pull your pud, but it’s got no energy our soul, but you’ll definitely get entertainment value from it’s high moralistic tone.

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