sábado, 13 de marzo de 2010

Naked Blood

Some movies are cool because they are genuinely good, others because they have a certain atmosphere. Others however, are just cool because of how far they are willing to go, and will show you things that you have never seen before. Naked Blood is one of these movies. Directed by Hisayasu Sato, the film deals with a young scientist named Eiji (Sadao Abe) who develops a new vaccine that creates pain into sexual pleasure. She injects this new vaccine into three willing test subjects. And while two of them react to them violently, one doesn’t seem to be affected by it at all. Eiji investigates, and soon discovers there is something darker than he might have liked to find find out. The story is obviously a little more complicated than that, but I can’t really say much without revealing what makes this movie so damn special. Director Hisayasu Sato was one of the filmmakers that re-introduced the Pinku Eiga genre into a new generation of Japanese filmmakers, but with this film, he stretches out the themes of the pinku into darker places. Yes, the elements of nudity, obsession and dark sexuality are still in there, but the violence is taken to levels that most Pinku films would never dream of. The characters who mutilate themselves, the two women, do so matching their own personalities. For example, the girl who loves to eat decides that nothing is good enough anymore, so she decides to eat herself. First she fries her hand and eats it off, then her nipple, her vagina and finally, her eyeball. She literally eats herself to death, and we see it in all it’s explicit glory. The other girl, a model, begins to see imperfections all over her body, so she decides to destroy herself by stabbing and piercing herself, mutilating her body until it has no more blood. Again, we see it all in all it’s explicit and gory detail, and it’s really fucked up. But not as fucked up as the third act, where the third girl, Rika (played magnificently by Misa Akika), reveals her deepest secrets about who she is to our young scientisst. I won’t give it away but it’s deeply disturbing and made me lose my lunch when I first saw this at the beginning of the millenium. This is a movie that should not be missed by anyone, a perfect blend of sex, violence and gore, with a story that would have made Hitchcock proud. Instead of wasting your money on that horrible new Alice in Wonderland movie, go watch this.

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