miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2009

2020 Texas Gladiators

After a nuclear apocalypse, a monastery is getting ram-shacked by a gang of mud people. Enter the ‘Rangers’ as one of the mud people calls them, who spray the mud people with bullets until there are none left, all in the name of good. One of the members, Catch Dog, is a closet rapist, and when he finds young virginal Maida, it’s rape at first sight. Thankfully our hero Nisus kicks his ass. A few years later, Nisus and Maida get married and work in a mill, a mill that’s soon under chaos by a roving gang of Neo-Nazis that include Road Warrior-type bikers, half-naked Amazons with guns, a SWAT team with laser shields and a Nazi, all thanks to Catch-Dog. When Nisus is killed (in a very shocking scene), Maida contacts the rest of the ‘rangers’, who are soon going for a bit of vengeance against the new regime.
In Italy, during the Eighties, a genre of post-Apocalyptic films were released, all inspired (or ripping off) movies like Road Warrior and Escape From NY. This one, directed by sleaze master Joe D’Amato, is particularly violent and sleazy, but also has a lot of action. The movie is composed of recognizable Italian exploitation actors, and they all suck. Al Cliver, our blonde-bearded barbarian from films like Zombi 2, The Beyond and Endgame, is as dull as ever and acts with his chin. There’s also Daniel Stephen from Warriors Of The Lost World, who just looks hot and does nothing. More special is the appearance of Sabrina Siani, who also appeared in an all-topless-all-the-time role in Fulci’s Conan ripoff, Conquest. There are also a lot of hilariously weird set-pieces, such as a sequence where our heroes are slaves in a salt mine, and a sequence which involves Native Americans that is too retarded to believe.
Not much to say anymore, you know pretty much what you’re gonna get when you’re about to watch a movie like 2020 Texas Gladiators. Lots of violence, gore, and nudity, and cool action sequences. Not good, not bad, just very fun and entertaining.

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