miércoles, 9 de septiembre de 2009

I Spit On Your Corpse, I Piss On Your Grave

Emily Haack plays Sandy, a purple-haired, tattoo covered hot girl who has just gotten a visit from his ex-boyfriend (director Eric Stanze), a prison inmate on the run. After fucking her, he tells her that she’s about to be killed by him along with the three men who testified against him. But Sandy isn’t having none of that, and kills her prison boyfriend with a crowbar to the stomach. But it turns out the three prisoners had also abused Sandy sexually in the past, and she decides to take the opportunity and return the abuse back. Graphically.
I’m a fan of Eric Stanze and his films, especially Ice From The Sun. As I was watching this, I found it hard to believe that this movie was made by him, considering most of his films had very good work on the editing and sound design (Savage Harvest, Deadwood Park). This movie is not bad, but it seems like it was made for a quick buck and nothing else. There are a lot of lingering shots of churches and backgrounds that seemed to have been made solely to pad out the running time to more than an hour. Still, it’s recommended for only one thing, and that’s Emily Haack. She was the abused in Stanze’s previous film, Scrapbook, and it seems like Eric decided to give her the abuser role as a thank you. Although she over-acts at times, especially when she hears that one of the victims has to take a shit, but for most of the time she’s very natural and psychotic, and her sex appeal comes through. Speaking of sex, this movie is pretty graphic, even crossing the pornographic line for one scene where Emily starts masturbating with a broomstick. Of course, all the eroticism leaves the moment she starts raping a dude with that same broomstick. In the end, this movie is not bad, but it’s not of Stanze’s often great experimental and original caliber. If you want a rape/revenge film, go for I Spit On Your Grave instead.

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