sábado, 26 de septiembre de 2009

Addicted To Murder

There is one type of horror movie that is almost universally hated, and that’s the shot-on-video horror film, although I really don’t know why. Yes there are a lot of bad ones, but some really great films have come out of this genre, such as the films of Morbid Vision Films. Addicted To Murder has the distinction of being one of the first shot-on-DIGITAL-video films to receive distribution, in 1995. These films were directed by Kevin J. Lindenmuth,
The first Addicted To Murder starts off as a Henry: Portrait of A Serial Killer knockoff, when an ugly dude named Joe (Mick McCleery) who kills off women. Halfway through the film we find out he has something of a vampire sidekick named Rachel (Laura McLauchlin), whom he obsesses over and kills for, and why blame him, she’s damn hot! Things get a little difficult during their relationship when she gets a little too demanding, and Joe has his eyes on another girl. This movie starts off interesting, but by the time the vampire subplot comes along it seems to lose it’s steam. There are also sequences in the first act featuring interviews with people who write about serial killers that don’t really add anything to the plot, and don’t really make sense from a story’s perspective. The makeup effects are minimal and there is no nudity to be seen anywhere, a sin in shot-on-video horror and exploitation films. At least some of the technical aspects are good, and the cinematography is above average for something shot on video, sometimes recalling the work of Dario Argento.
This movie spawned two sequels, and they’re just as shit as this one.

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