martes, 29 de septiembre de 2009


Satan, who looks like a giant star-fish, sends his minions to corrupt the souls of cute, innocent and emotionally fragile Japanese teenagers. Some are forced into tentacle sex by the demons, a nerdy girl is turned into a streetwalker, all to the joys of the demons. But the demons find they have an enemy: Exorsister, a female Clint Eastwood who fights for the Lord, is about to put the smack-down on these creatures and save the girl’s souls. This is most of the plot I could get, since the movie is so god-damn rare that I could only get a copy with French subtitles.
Only the Japanese could create something that resembles Christian porn. Yes, this is a pornographic movie, and has real sex, both with humans and demons (represented by tentacle rape, or rubber hoses to be more exact). The production values are very low, shot on 80’s video and using very bad blue-screen effects for some chase sequences. The sex is great however, being very sleazy but rough, very few things fill me with pleasure, but hearing female Japanese teenagers reaching orgasm is one of them. Sadly this is a Japanese production, so all the members are pixilated. I always felt that this made the sex seem less erotic and more filthy, so it’s a plus as well.
There is a lot of cheese involved. For some reason, the filmmakers idea of being possessed by a demon is turning into a promiscuous woman and dressing like a punk rocker, while having catfights in bars. The demons look like they bought every single Halloween costume they could afford and put them on together, especially the lead with his horny helmet and Freddy Krueger plastic gloves. Satan looks like a giant star fish, as mentioned above, and has more in common with a Power Ranger villain than with anything remotely frightening. But this, along with the sleazy sex scenes, add to one entertaining piece of cartoony smut that is recommended to all.

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