miércoles, 2 de septiembre de 2009

Santo y Blue Demon Contra El Doctor Frankenstein

When the evil Dr. Frankenstein (Jorge Russek) starts kidnapping women and committing sadistic brain experiments and creating supermen with names like Golem and Mortiis, the city takes notice and is on a panic. Tired of his bumbling henchmen, he decides to take the brain of El Santo and transplant it into the body into one of his monsters. But Santo ain’t nothing to fuck with, especially when they fuck with his girl and his best friend, Blue Demon. Will Dr. Frankenstein prevail, or will El Enmascarado De Plata triumph once again?
I love Mexican B-movies. They’re very similar to Italian and Turkish movies in that they really don’t give a shit about story, they’re just concerned on entertaining. Remember when you were a kid and used to mix your action figures from different franchises and pit them together into fantastic tales? This is what this movie is like, and most Santo films for that matter. They’re loud, imaginative, full of action and pretty ladies, and very entertaining. The only beef I have is the multiple wrestling matches that are featured in the film. They stop the story cold, and are just not that interesting to watch. If it was one, fine. But three?!? But a lot of the greatness that comes from these films is just how surreal they are. By the time you see Santo and Blue Demon, in suits, and acting like James Bond types, you’ll feel like somebody slipped you some acid. They even have their own personalities, with Santo being very just, clean cut and a very moral character, while Blue Demon, still a good guy, is more like a bully, aggressive and hands on, and they complement each other very well.
These kinds of films are very unique to Mexico, although other countries have done them as well. Still, this movie comes very recommended, since it never gets boring and is a perfect B-grade flick.

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