miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2009

The Big Doll House

You know, I really should give these women in prison films a rest. I’m truly burned out. I was originally not going to review this, but you have to look at it from a historical contest: the first big women-in-prison hit of the exploitation genre was Jess Franco’s 99 Women. That film opened the floodgates, and Roger Corman, being the wise producer that he is, made this, his first in a series of WIP films directed by Jack Hill and produced in the Philippines, and many of them starring Pam Grier!
The plot is very basic: girl goes into prison, is subjected to beatings, tortures, drug addiction and lesbianism, until she and her tough inmates decide to escape together. The cast is pretty famous for an exploitation movie. Judith Brown plays our lead, in prison for murdering her rich husband, and the beautiful Roberta Collins plays a hot bombshell, same as she did in films like Unholy Rollers and Death Race 2000. Here she’s crazy about sex! But of course, Pam Grier shows up, and as usual she chews up every scene she’s in, not to mention she’s hot as hell and has a cool afro. I envied Sid Haig, touching her breasts the way he does in the film. So yeah, this movie has all the basic elements, and is very entertaining, although I would recommend The Big Bird Cage better.

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