martes, 29 de septiembre de 2009


Michelle Boback plays Deanna, a young hot nurse who has one helluva bad day: first she gets raped on her elevator, then her house is invaded by a robber. But she’s had enough, and captures the invader with a taser gun. Soon, her live is split between having a normal life with a job and romantic life with her carpenter neighbor, to torturing the guy who broke into her home. But her mind is becoming completely unhinged, and soon she might find out that the person who attacked her might be closer than she thinks.
This was Ryan Nicholson’s first film as a director, and it shows. I’m a huge Nicholson fan thanks to films like Live Feed and Gutterballs, but this one, while as mean spirited, is nowhere near as well made. It’s amateur in many ways, especially in the sound. Sometimes the sound is so low that you can barely hear what the actors are saying. That said, the film delivers on what you might expect: gore and exploitative elements. We get some really nasty and realistic-looking body burns, some cock and ball torture (with needles!), an electric saw to the head, etc. Some very painful and realistically-made stuff. It’s not as good as his following films, but it’s still a pretty cool rape/revenge film.

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