miércoles, 16 de septiembre de 2009

Night Of The Sorcerers

The plot for this infamous exploitation film is as thin as you can get: a bunch of white people are exploring an area of Bumbasa to investigate the extinction of the elephants around that area. While there, they not only have to deal with the hunter who wiped the village out, but also with a cult of undead African tribesmen and their Leopard Women, who are vampiric and sexy as fuck. Yes, this film was directed by Armando De Ossorio, the same man who gave us The Lorelei’s Grasp and the four Blind Dead films, but this one is a lot more over the top. For starters, it features a lot of Spain’s famous horror actors, particularly Jack Taylor, a veteran of Franco films, and Ossorio’s favorite rapist, Jose Thelman (sans moustache). The actresses are all beautiful, from former Miss Madrid Barbara Rey to the physically perfect and constantly-nude Kati Hansa. Loli Tovar and Maria Kosty also show up, and they also get naked.
Yes, there’s a lot of nudity and sex in the film, but also very Sadean elements. For starters, a lot of this nudity comes in the form of the natives ‘whipping’ the women into nudity, in other words, stripping them with the lash. But what makes this film so-bad-it’s-great is it’s ridiculously over-the-top racism and political incorrectness. Every black man that appears here is a savage, and they leer with lust at the white women as if fucking them is the only thing a black man thinks of. It reminds me of the Tod Browning film, West Of Zanzibar. There are a lot of memorable sequences however, as Ossorio was very good at creating suspense. His trademark slow-motion sequences appear, as the Leopard Women run around at night in slow-motion. Still, with all the light suspense and hilarious political correctness, it’s not enough to make this a good film, with it’s technical inadequacies, terrible day-for-night filming and dull acting. Still, it doesn’t get boring, and isn’t that the main sin of a movie?

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