martes, 29 de septiembre de 2009


In a tropical island, a fashion shoot is going on, and the murders are all being murdered in very violent ways. It turns out an experimental rat/monkey hybrid has escaped from the laboratory and is making himself a snack bar from the island. The police, the relatives of the models, and a mystery writer are all together trying to solve what the hell is going on.
This was one of the last Italian horror films to come out during it’s peak years, and it’s one of the least interesting. I was able to get a copy in 2007 from a Japanese DVD bootleg, and I sure felt I wasted my money. But how could I resist, a horror flick about a rat/midget killing half naked women? The cast is very much that of a b-movie: David Warbeck (The Beyond) and Janet Agren (City Of The Living Dead, Eaten Alive) are our leads, but they seem to be sleepwalking through their roles, not really giving a shit. More interesting is Eva Grimaldi, the beauty previously seen in Convent Of Sinners, and just like in that picture, here she gets naked and plays quite the sex-pot. She’s a model, but her idea of modeling is basically dancing badly like a Flashdance reject. At least she has a very nice sex scene where she shows off the goods.
But as far as acting goes, this movie belongs to the Ratman, Nelson de la Rosa. Born in the Dominican Republic, he was the shortest man to ever live. At 2 feet 4 inches, he was quite a sight. He specialized in musical comedy and was a stable for many years in Sabado Gigante. He’s most famous to western audiences as the pink-colored sidekick of Marlon Brando in The Island Of Dr. Moreau, but he will always be the Ratman to me! He sadly passed away in 2006. Rest in peace, Nelson!
One more thing that has to be said, the movie might not be one of the best, but the soundtrack by Steffano Mainetti. It’s chilling and very Euro-style. So yes, this movie isn’t exactly the best, and to be honest it has very little gore, but for it’s overall sleaze and unique villain, it’s worth a look, and it’s very entertaining, so check it out.

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