miércoles, 2 de septiembre de 2009

Dead End Drive In

Argh, another week, another Ozploitation film. Ned Manning plays Crabs, a young and ambitious teenager who looks up to his car-fixing older brother. One night, the two get involved in some trouble with a street gang. Sadly, Crabs and his girlfriend Carmen (Natalie McCurry, who has great breasts) are the ones who will have to pay, as they are trapped inside a drive-in movie theatre that has been turned into a concentration camp for society’s rejects. Soon it’s not just criminals and punks who are trapped inside its walls, but foreigners such as Asians and Indians. And Crabs is getting sick of it, and has a plan to escape.
Ah yes, Ozploitation. This movie is one of the best in the genre, directed by the ‘master’ of the genre, David Trenchard-Smith. Smith is famous for making high octane action films such as Turkey Shoot, The Man From Hong Kong and BMX Bandits (well, not really), and only the Mad Max movies are more important to the genre. This has a lot of the characteristics: wild Australian punks from the Outback, lots of energetic pop music, cool action sequences, and a high fetishism of cars. I swear, nobody else films cars as good as the Australians. They film it like it was a pornographic love scene. And this film has a lot of them. Modified 1950’s cars look beautiful and sensual as well. But what attracted me more to the film was it’s weird political message, which was actually very believable. It reminded me of stories of the WW2 internment camps, with it’s segregation and racism between the whites (Germans, Australians in the movie) and Asians. It’s pretty well profound, and it works in the movie’s favor. Of course, the third act kicks ass, turning into a violent action film with tons of cars and explosions. The last shot is perfect for the film, and made me wonder how our hero would live without his love.
This film is highly recommended, a very violent, original, and fun action film that will not disappoint genre fans. Now, somebody help me where to find this Crow-looking dude in the cover, cuz I didn’t see him in the film!

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