miércoles, 9 de septiembre de 2009

Bare Behind Bars

With a title like “Bare Behind Bars”, you know what you’re getting before you even watch it. Even more so when you find out this is a WIP movie from Brazil! The story is typical: a prison in the tropics is nothing but a deranged hellhole of sex and perversion. A new inmate comes in, and shakes up the place. Soon she escapes with a gang, and as you probably know, it doesn’t end very well for them later. It’s basically a more sexploitive version of Caged Heat (which is quite a feat).

There’s not much to say about the plot. This film is basically a parade of lesbian sex, sexual degradation, girlfights, riots, and the occasional hardcore porn scene to spice things up. The women are all nubile and hot as hell, and all look like they’re no older than 20, while the warden and nurse and guards all look like sex-desperate MILFs. This movie is awesome whacking material.

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