miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2009

Z: A Zombie Musical

After three Catholic Nuns are attacked by a Zombie Dog (who they name Ron Jeremy) and are turned into Zombies, they discover a group of articulate, educated, singing & dancing Zombies living in the idyllic enclave of Zomburbia. But it’s not all fun and games, as they force people to stay undead, even when they don’t want to. One of the Nuns refuses to accept her new-found Zombie-osity and sets off on a comic journey of self-discovery and mayhem...with, naturally, much singing and dancing along the way!
Finally, SOMEBODY decided to make an original zombie film. Part comedy, part sexploitation, all musical, this movie is fun from the first sequence. It shows our three nuns, who of course are naked, tattooed and pierced, as all nuns are, skinny dipping while singing a modified version of Gilbert & Sullivan’s “Three Little Maids” from The Mikado. If that doesn’t tell you the nature of the film, then nothing else will. The movie is light on gore, and it’s not necessary to have much, however it does have a lot of t&a, and every woman in this film is remotely attractive, although some do look like they were picked up at the local bowling alley. Although it was pretty cool to see underground rocker Joe “King” Carassco. The music is composed of old school rock n’ roll, with the most memorable song being “The Zombie Walk”
The third act picks up when they’re chased by both the citizens of Zomburbia and a group of zombie Satanic followers, all hoping to take our young lead to their own side. The fight is mostly composed of slaps to the ass. Yum. And if you’re wondering what the makeup for the zombies is like, don’t expect something ala Tom Savini. It’s basically grey and green makeup splattered together. Still, don’t let it turn you off, here’s a genuinely entertaining, fun, funny, and sexy new twist on a very VERY tired kind of genre.

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