sábado, 10 de octubre de 2009

The Abductors

The Ginger Series was a trilogy of films starring Cheri Caffaro as Ginger, an attractive, blonde secret agent who used her sexuality to solve the most complex of crimes. Kind of like a nymphomaniac female version of James Bond. This is the most popular of the series, and from the opinion of yours truly, it’s the only one on the series that is worth watching, since it’s the only one that isn’t fucking boring. The story is a film favorite since the silent days: white slavery. A group of wealthy assholes have formed a business for kidnapping young women and forcing them to have sex with wealthy costumers. The younger and less experienced, the better. Ginger, along with agent gal pal Carter (Laurie Rose), go after the attack, but soon both are kidnapped and are victims of the cartel. They have to use their brains, and their bodies, to get out.
This is a very low-budget movie, and the production values are similar to those of porn films of the 70’s. Hell, the acting is similar to porn films of the 70’s, and the actors all look like 70’s porn performers. The sex is very explicit but also very abusive, there’s a lot of beatings and rough breast fondling in this film. But ladies, don’t get offended! The women here end up kicking ass and making sure the bad guys pay. Cheri Caffaro is great as the lead, exuding a lot of perkyness and toughness while at the same time being very sexual in nature. The rest of the cast is pretty forgettable, since every male in this movie is an ugly idiot. At least the women are good-looking, and plenty naked. There are few things as satisfying as looking at teenage-looking adults acting coy and innocent while nude. My favorite is the short-haired brunette. The last act picks up a bit, since it has a lot of action and gunplay, and builds up on the suspense. When Ginger has the businessman that set her up tied up in the shower, torturing him with hot water while fondling him as they’re both naked, I didn’t know if I should have been in suspense or aroused.
This is a pretty cool exploitation movie that is never hampered by it’s production values. If you want something that’s entertaining and has a healthy dose of action and sex, I have your film right here.

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