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Black Devil Doll

Jonathan Lewis, who also directed the film, plays and voices the Black Devil Doll, a psychotic black revolutionary who was arrested in the 1970’s for killing and raping a series of white women. When he is finally executed, young and attractive Heather (Heather Murphy) is playing the Ouija board, and contacts the spirit of the evil rapist. His ghost enters a ventriloquist doll in Heather’s possession, which turns the cute doll into the Black Devil Doll, a foul-mouthed psychopath who begins to have a sexual relationship with Heather. But Heather is not enough for the sex-starved little bastard, and he asks her friends, who all look like porn stars (wish I was so lucky), to come and have some fun. Soon, the Black Devil Doll is killing and raping the women, and it’s up to Heather to get things done.
I first heard of Black Devil Doll a few years ago when Shawn Lewis and Rotten Cotton began to announce it, since I’ve been a client for a while and loved their politically-incorrect style. I saw their behind the scenes pictures, read the screening reviews and eagerly awaited my chance to see it. Now that we finally have it on DVD, I have to say it was worth the wait, and how! Jonathan Lewis has made a true throwback to 70’s exploitation filmmaking, giving it a lot of homages while at the same time doing a parody of it. The movie might seem offensive to some, the main story being that of a black doll who rapes and kills women (and men), but those who find the film sexist, misogynistic or even racist are missing the point. This is a comedy, and a great one at that. The cinematography is very simple, and the score, by the musical group Giallo’s Flame, is very similar to that of 70’s horror films, particularly the Italian ones. I was actually thinking there’d be more blaxploitation elements, but with the exception of the character being a 70’s black revolutionary, there really aren’t many.
The acting is excellent. Lewis is able to give the doll a lot of energy and charisma, giving him one of the filthiest mouths in the history of cinema. Much like Dolemite, every line is hilarious and classic. The girls are beautiful as well, but Natasha Talonz shines in particular. She has a beautiful body, a beautiful face, and has a lot of talent, and not only that but she is one hell of a brave performer, spending most of her time naked and being the most enthusiastic in her love scenes with the infamous doll. I also saw her name in many crew positions during the credits, which made me fall in love with her even more. Miss Talonz, if you ever read this, contact me! I want to work with you in a movie someday!
This film has a cinematic predecessor, and it’s the similarly-named Black Devil Doll From Hell, a bad, torturous film by Chester Turner from the mid-80’s. With the release of this great film, I hope that classic piece of shit will soon be forgotten, and when people say “Black Devil Doll”, there will only be one to think of, this one.

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