miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2009

Wrong Turn 3

The original Wrong Turn was a pretty cool backwoods slasher film, even if the main characters were less developed than the monster inbred cannibals. It did feature Eliza Dushku, one of my favorite hotties. The backwoods were a cool location and it featured some gruesome kills. All in all, a satisfying slasher film. The sequel up the ante and had more kills, more blood and we delved more into the inbred’s family. Henry Rollins had a cool role and kicked plenty of ass, and while it did get silly sometimes, it was superior to the original. This third one follows the familiar storyline, only this time it deals with a group of prisoners whose bus gets overturned by the cannibal family and are trying to survive in the woods.
This movie was pretty disappointing considering how fun and entertaining the second one was. It seemed like it was trying to do a more serious tone like the first one at times, but at many times, like the opening sequence featuring the campers, it went the more comical, over-the-top route. The characters are as bland and uninteresting as possible, the type you know you’ll probably never see in a movie again: not because they’re bad actors, but because they’re so forgettable, you won’t recognize them the second time you see them. The inbreds are also a lot less interesting. They decided to forget about the cool family relationship the second film featured, and now it’s just three, who you really can’t tell apart. The special effects are half and half. The fx gore is great, but the mutants themselves don’t look as realistic as they did in the first one. They look more like Freddy Krueger but without the glove. And what’s up with this fuckin’ wave of CGI gore? It fucking sucks and it bothers me that so many people are using it in movies today. There are a lot more interesting ways to make kills, buddy, and CG isn’t one of them. This movie is the worst in the series, and it’s just better if you pass on it.

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