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Cafe Flesh 2

The original Café Flesh is one of my favorite films of all time and it was one of the first films I reviewed for this site. Even if it was, on it’s bare bones, a pornographic film, it was an artistic achievement no matter how you look at it, from the sets to the costumes, to the surreal sex scenes and truly excellent and surreal acting, particularly from the lead, Michelle Bauer, it’s in every element of it’s core a perfect horror film. The story is actually a continuation of the original. Fifteen years has passed and an epidemic has been wiping out the majority of the sex positives, remaining humans who can still have sex. The club has passed hands to 'Violet Chinchilla' (played by Jeanna Fine) who has a male sex positive ready for work. Meanwhile Raylene has been trekking across the nuclear wastelands to cash in on her assets, and a sewage worker has stumbled upon a cryogenically stored female virgin (Stacy Valentine) called Buffy. With the ingredients mixed and the return of the neon Cafe Flesh sign, its business as usual.
Unlike the original’s more satirical take on the material, this sequel is more interested in pure dirty jokes and not much of a brain when it comes to the material. The acting in this is very much that of a porno film, with performers like Jeanna Fine, Stacy Valentine, the French Rebecca Dart (who I can barely understand with her French accent) and dudes like Vince Voyeur and Alex Metro. Sometimes they are able to get good comedic moments, but after watching the acting in the original, it falls by comparison.
One thing that I did love about this film is the production design, which is really top notch. The club sets look as good as the ones in the original, while exteriors and underground sequences really look excellent, almost like a Hollywood company designed them. Also, the sex scenes are pretty good, and worthy of masturbation. But the truth is, this is just a forgettable 90’s porno, that while it features top production values, doesn’t have the intelligence or sense of humor to hold up against it’s groundbreaking original. I just prefer 70’s and 80’s pornographic films to the new ones for that reason, they’re ballsier, grimier, and tell better stories. So I urge you to hunt for the original, but if you want a good fap job and nothing more, this one isn’t a total loss.

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