martes, 6 de octubre de 2009

La Blue Girl Live Action Films

There are very few things in life that I can say are 100% enjoyable. Chicken wings, sex, making movies, the occasional party. And Japanese tentacle porn is also one of them. La Blue Girl started as a manga series created by Toshio Maeda, who also made the seminal Legend of the Overfiend, and like Legend, it features tentacle rape. However, La Blue Girl is funnier and takes itself less seriously. Since these are live-action however, I knew I was going to get a kick out of it.
The storyline of the first film centers around young Miko Mido (Saya Hidaya), an attractive young athlete who just so happens to be a descendant of an ancient warrior clan known as the Miroku. An ancient water-based demon returns to the world, and it’s up to her and the clan to stop them, while trying not to get tentacle-raped at the same time. This is the basic plot of the film, which lasts 73 minutes and goes by quicker than a bad handjob. Not that you see this kind of film for the story, mind you, but I was actually quite involved watching it. I like the girls and they were pretty good, well above your typical Japanese porno movie cast. There is also some pretty good cinematography, and even some cool underwater photography which really make it above-par with other Japanese porno films, who normally are so cheap they look like bad home movies. The hilarious part about it though is that none of them are 100% muscular, and it’s kind of hilarious to see them in skimpy warrior outfits. Of course, they all happily get naked and show off their perky young bodies before they get raped by tentacles. Damn I love Japanese women, I wish I could see vagina in these movies.
The film was followed by two sequels, both of which follow the same plot. Another demon shows up, and the group of warriors dress up and combat the creature while trying not to get raped. Not much else to say really. The tentacles look like rubber hoses covered with ultra-slime, and seeing them fondle and penetrate the beautiful Japanese girls, who also have to lick the hoses like they were giving it a blowjob, all with being covered head-to-toe on slime, really brings a smile to my face. These movies are excellent entertainment and should not be missed by sexploitation fans.

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