martes, 27 de octubre de 2009

The Private Afternoons Of Pamela Mann

Eric Edwards plays a private investigator and proud peeping tom who is hired by jealous men to spy on their wives, girlfriends, and even homosexual partners. He gets his most interesting case when he’s asked to follow the wife of a wealthy-but-ridiculously-suntanned businessman. The wife, played by the excellently-named Barbara Bourbon, is a real sexual dynamo, going about picking people off the street and having everything from oral to group sex. Eric Edwards might be thinking on getting in on the action as well.
This is one of the best pornos I’ve ever seen, and it proves that pornography can be more than just people fucking. Directed by Ratney Metzger, who would continue to make artistically important porno films like The Opening Of Misty Beethoven, is able to create great humor in a script that is very well written, and very well acted. We have funny sequences with feminist ideology interrupting once in a while, a girl who gets a cumshot every morning in the face the way you and I might have coffee, and the banter between Edwards and his employer are hilarious. I believe that if this didn’t have any sex scenes, it would have still been a great film. Thankfully the sex scenes add a little bit more. The cast is pretty good, with Barbara Bourbon, who played the mother in the infamous A Dirty Western, looks insatiable in her sexual desires and pretty much does everything you could do in a mainstream film at the time, from deep-throating to pretend rape. Speaking of rape, the best scene comes when Bourbon is kidnapped by a couple, played by Darby Lloyd Raines and the always sleazy Jamie Gillis, and is forced to have a violent blowjob with him at gunpoint. Wouldn’t you know it, she actually gets off on it. I would have liked to hear more of Gillis’ trademark foul mouth, but it’s Darby who does most of the talking.
I have to say that Georgina Spelvin, famous for The Devil In Miss Jones, is also here. This is the second film I’ve seen her in, and she’s hilarious and full of sex appeal. Her sex scenes are hot as hell. The scene she shares with Barbara is truly hot, and Georgina even reaches orgasm The end features a pretty cool and original twist, so if you want a porno movie that will make you laugh and let you pull off some white cream, this is highly recommended.

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