viernes, 16 de octubre de 2009

La Bete

Walerian Borowczyk, a famous porn director during the 70’s, made a 25-minute film depicting a young woman (Sirpa Lane) who goes after a little lamp, and then gets ravaged by a beast. This beast of course is a really laughable gorilla costume with a wolf’s head on it, but what keeps your attention is the fact that it has a huge penis. Soon, our young woman decides that she enjoys the sex with the beast, and makes him fuck her so much that the beast literally dies while having orgasms. Unable to sell this short on it’s own, he decided that the best way to sell it is to film a wraparound story. The story deals with a young woman named Lucy (Lisbeth Hummel) who is visiting the estate of the l’Esperance family in order to meet her future husband, who is something of an insane idiot. Here, she learns of the story of the woman who was ravaged by the beast, and learns that it is a curse that must be continued. After that, she has something of a sexual awakening on her own, and starts to have erotic dreams featuring the woman being sexually assaulted by a monster. This is where the original footage comes in.
As you can see, sex and bestiality are the main themes in the film, mixed in with the classic tale of Beauty & The Beast, although you never saw any of this footage in the Disney version. We have the main story about a woman being forced into marriage with a brute, and the sex with the beast footage. The sex with the beast footage is definitely the most memorable material, since it’s so hilariously kinky. Most of it comes from the creature’s incredibly huge schlong. And when it finally ejaculates, it’s like turning on a fire extinguisher that just won’t stop. Seriously, there’s so much beast semen in the film that I though Sirpa Lane was going to drown! The movie’s main intent however is simply to shock. The opening sequence features two horses having sex in rather uncomfortable and hard-to-look-at close-ups. With all my sick sex quirks, I’m not a bestiality guy and I have to say that it wasn’t really my cup of tea. At least that’s the only time we get to see something like that, and the rest of the sex is with humans.
Yes, we have a black servant and a white babysitter who is always left unsatisfied so she is forced to masturbate on the wooden bedpost, our lead girl masturbates with flower petals, and that’s not counting the woman/beast sex. There are a lot of themes of religion and the hypocrisy of the bourgeoisie thrown into the plot which make for interesting viewings, but sadly Walerian isn’t up to the material. He tries to be Bunuel but is sadly miles behind him, he just doesn’t have the talent to support the satirical with the sexual and anti-clerical. I wish this movie had been made by Bunuel, it would have been a masterpiece for sure. But for now, we have a movie that’s more interesting for it’s ridiculous but boner-rrific sex scenes than for anything else. Now, I wonder where that monster costume is today, and does it still ejaculate?

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